The APBF Rescue Services Team was contacted late into the evening on Thursday, July 16th about seven newborn babies brought into a local animal hospital without their mother.

The gentleman dropping them off had found them underneath of his car and carted each little four day old baby gently in. There was no knowledge as to where their mother was.

The hospital kept the babies warm and fed, and one of the technicians went out in hopes to find the mother who had most likely hid the babies under the car to protect them while she searched for food.

The technician returned with a stray and what looked to be a mother dog whose milk was almost completely dried up. The little dog had no interest in the puppies whatsoever. This was not their mom.

That same evening, the Rescue Team received an additional call about an emaciated stray dog brought in to another local hospital on the other side of town. She was scarred from top to bottom with half of her left ear hanging by a small piece of flesh. She was also very full of milk.

The likelihood that this dog was the mother of the puppies was low, however, the seven babies would certainly benefit from her as a surrogate if she would take to them. The team arranged for mother and babies to meet.

That’s when something amazing happened.

Without hesitation, the mother dog immediately headed straight for the puppies and began tending to them with feverish purpose. She positioned to nurse and protectively curled around them. This was no surrogate. This was their mother.

“It was like magic”, commented one technician. “It was simply amazing” commented another, witnessing the warm reuniting of the little family.

Not every stray finds their way. Not every tiny baby makes it out, but one thing is certain, this little family did, and experienced one incredible happenstance in the process.

Welcome to the APBF family Mama Tesla, and her seven tiny little ones, Aston, Martin, Nova, Shelby, Cayenne, Veyron, and Enzo. Here’s to your future in warm, loving homes and off of the streets.