APBF Brand Assets & Guidelines

The American Pit Bull Foundation is an organization with the purpose to promote responsible breed ownership through providing owner and public education. It is important that we use the established brand elements to better unify our message and tell our story. All material produced for, by and in conjunction with the American Pit Bull Foundation must adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth.


Our logo is always two toned, and can be used on both light and dark backgrounds. We do allow our logo to be used as a solid color when needed – under those circumstances the colors are always either green, black or white. No other color exceptions are allowed without written consent from our office.


Download Full APBF Logo: EPS · PNG

Download Green Logo: EPS · PNG

Download Black Logo: EPS · PNG

Download White Logo: EPS · PNG

Usage Guidelines

The American Pit Bull Foundation mark includes, but are not limited to the APBF Name, Logo, and any word, phrase image or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of the American Pit Bull Foundations products. Do not modify or alter the mark or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting association or partnership by APBF, or in any way that confuses APBF with another organization. Use only the official full APBF Logo or the stand alone mark to represent the American Pit Bull Foundation.


  • Change the colors of the logo
  • Rotate or change the direction of the logo
  • Animate the dog or letters
  • Add special effects to dog or letters
  • Use old versions or any other marks or logos to represent our brand


The American Pit Bull Foundation Primary Palette. Each APBF gray has a touch of green in it to better pair with our logo and secondary colors. White (#ffffff), and Black (#000000), complete the set.



Words don’t just hold meaning; they communicate by their very form. We primarily use the Roboto font family: clean, modern and direct, stylish but not exclusive. Our titles and heading use the Rosario font family: unique, fun, identifiable and distinctive. Putting well-designed words in our message enhances the user experience.

These fonts are open-source and available through the Google Web Fonts Service (you can download and install each font family using the buttons below).