Whether you are looking to strengthen the bond with your pit bull, start your puppy off right, or tackle concerning behavioral issues, working with a behaviorist or trainer is an invaluable asset to the human-canine bond.

One of the most concerning reasons that people abandon their pets at animal shelters is in-part due to behavioral issues, most of which are often preventable and/or treatable.

If you are looking for a local trainer to teach basic or advanced skills, we recommend and use the following local partners:

Highland Canine Training
(866) 200-2207

Dogs as a Second Language (Alfredo Ayala)

Love in the Lead
(704) 561-1916

K9s Unleashed (Amy Ferguson)
(704) 243-0920

If you are looking for a local Charlotte behaviorist to help with specific behaviors or to understand the “why” behind the “how” in training and behavior, outside of advice, you can enlist the services of Canine Behavior Consultant, Sara Ondrako at saraondrako.com. You can also follow Sara on YouTube to learn about training and behavior techniques.

If you have a potentially severe behavioral issue that needs addressing, we recommend reaching out to a Board Certified Veterinary Animal Behaviorist. You can find a national list of BCVAB’s here.

If you are in North Carolina, the following are Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorists, (some will do phone consults):

North Carolina