Below is a list of steps to take to in the event that your dog becomes lost. The key to avoiding tragedy is responsibly containing your pet/s, and taking preventative measures to identifying them in the case that an accident occurs.

  1. Contact your local Animal Care and Control facilities and physically visit the facilities to look for your lost Pit Bull, (visit at least every 24 hours).
  2. Notify your veterinarian and ask them to post your dog on their social media channels and on any lost and found boards they have in-clinic. If your Rabies tag is on your dog’s collar, the person who finds your dog may contact your veterinarian.
  3. Communicate with neighbors by phone or knocking on their door to ask if they have any information.
  4. Contact the local Humane Society and Rescue organizations to see if anyone has called or posted signage regarding your pet.
  5. Call the local emergency veterinary facilities for postings and/or patients brought in from good Samaritans.
  6. Network on your social sites such as Next Door, Facebook and Twitter to send out an alert. There are specific pages set up to help reunite lost pets with their owners such as Facebook Lost and Found Charlotte
  7. Post Lost dog signs with a recent picture and your contact number, in, and around your neighborhood.