Can I order more prints later?

Yes. We will have an option for ordering more prints if you choose later this year.

Can I order more prints later?2022-03-22T17:21:57-04:00

Where is the facility?

We are currently in the beginning phases of our capital contributions campaign for a facility. We do not have an estimated completion date yet.

Where is the facility?2022-03-22T17:20:35-04:00

Where are these paintings going?

These paintings will hang on our Portrait Wall in our new Operation Sidekick facility.

Where are these paintings going?2022-03-22T17:18:56-04:00

Can I pick my artist?

No. In order to ensure that we can meet the demand for paintings we are rotating the artists as they become available for more portraits.

Can I pick my artist?2022-03-22T17:17:17-04:00