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We’ve got big plans to significantly increase our impact! To help raise funds to take our Shelter Dog to Service Dog program Operation Sidekick to the next level, we’re kicking off our campaign with something memorable. We’ve teamed up with talented artists to commission original paintings of your pets to decorate the walls in our new facility once it’s built. We think this is a beautiful way to memorialize your furry loved ones in a way that will touch lives for so many years to come. We hope to see your best friend’s face grace our facility walls!

We’ve added the option for you to receive a print copy of the commissioned art. To have a print made of your pet’s custom portrait, simply select from the two print sizes available and select your quantity.

Honoring a loved one’s lost companion or gifting a pet portrait to a friend is another great way to get involved! If you’d like to gift a pet portrait and print, please include their address as the shipping address and make a note in the instructions section as to what you would like their card to say that we will send along with their print and/or recognition of their commissioned pet portrait.

Order Your Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

Here’s how it works:

  • Select your custom pet portrait and desired prints
  • Checkout
  • Email instructions will be sent for you to submit your pet’s photo
  • Your photo is sent to one of our artists
  • The custom portrait will be complete in 30 days
  • Your print will get mailed to you (or to your gift recipient)

If you order a print, you will also receive a digital copy of the art to use. Pet portraits are 12×12 and painted with acrylics on canvas.

Order A Print

Get a print of your pet portrait! When you order your painting you’ll select if you would like a print mailed to you. We offer three size options – 11×14, 8×10 and 8×8. When you order a print you’ll also receive a digital copy of your portrait so that you can use it digitally as well!

Meet The Artists

Ida Mae

My own art reflects the pedagogy of learning through exploration. My time in the military and southern roots are common themes in my art. I create art that holds a mirror to modern-day female warriors to create a space where both formalism and historical reflection convene. Each biographical depiction highlights historical customs and document changes within the armed forces.

The collection of female veterans will be shared on an international scale to document the female faces of warfare and pay reverence to their dedication.

Maria Campagna

My desire to be an artist was not something that shocked anyone. My career as an artist was detoured when I had my two sons but I found creative freedom in scrapbooking our family photos.

Returning to a career painting happened by a ‘happy accident’ and I have not looked back. I have made a practice of creating something every day and it all paid off when I found the career of surface designer.

Liz Haywood

In my life I have often been called opinionated. In my art I have always been called passionate. My lighthearted approach to tackling big issues keeps me hopeful and open, reducing the tension surrounding divisive subjects. Drips, splatters and rich texture in my art are created with layers of acrylic pen, latex and spray paint.

With confident, free gestural strokes I build layers of texture. I use proximity to highlight the similarity of people with contrasting appearances. The repetition of figures ties them together visually creates a rhythm in my work. Full of vivid color and witty visual surprises, the goal of my art is to lift spirits.

Carla Garrison-Mattos

I feel fortunate to be able to work at my dream job every day, expressing myself through my paintings on canvas as well as mural work.

And it brings me so much joy to host my Pets, Paints & Pints Classes so that I can share the joy of art with others. On behalf of myself, my wife, and our 3 dogs – thank you for your continued support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most asked questions we receive

Can I pick my artist?2022-03-22T17:17:17-04:00

No. In order to ensure that we can meet the demand for paintings we are rotating the artists as they become available for more portraits.

Where are these paintings going?2022-03-22T17:18:56-04:00

These paintings will hang on our Portrait Wall in our new Operation Sidekick facility.

Where is the facility?2022-03-22T17:20:35-04:00

We are currently in the beginning phases of our capital contributions campaign for a facility. We do not have an estimated completion date yet.

Can I order more prints later?2022-03-22T17:21:57-04:00

Yes. We will have an option for ordering more prints if you choose later this year.