Bettering the life of the dog and keeping families together through providing medical, financial, nutritional, and sheltering support to families at or below the poverty line.

Available Services

How we can help

We are currently servicing the Greater Charlotte, NC area only.

Our outreach services include, but are not limited to:

  • Free spay/neuter
  • Free vaccinations
  • Fence builds for chained dogs
  • Straw and shelter for outdoor dogs
  • Helping to transition dogs from outdoors to indoors
  • Nutrition
  • Medical treatments

Two rockstar volunteers, Leeann & Bill Cruise, helping with a fence build in Charlotte, NC.

Get Involved

How you can help

Our Outreach Volunteers embody a group of nonjudgemental, selfless, and kind individuals that understand we are not trying to push our belief systems on community dog owners, but build trust in the community through our aid.

Our objective is not to remove dogs from their homes, rather better the life of the dog and keep families together. We do this by helping to prevent the spread of disease, reducing the overpopulation problem, and providing resources to people that otherwise feel as though they lack access to those resources.

Join the Outreach Team!

In-Kind Donations Needed

  • Home Depot Gift Cards
  • Straw Bales, (winter) – email for delivery
  • Heartgard (requires a prescription) email us for details
  • Dog Food: Please note that we purchase our dog food at Pet Wants Urban Feed Store. We only feed high quality dog food, this includes our community dogs. We will accept any diet and any treats from their store.