Giving Tuesday Grant

For local rescue groups and shelters helping pit bull-type dogs

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If the dog has an ID number but not a name, please include ID. If no name, simply type "no name yet"
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Use this space to tell us about the dog that you are applying for and what you would use the grant money for specifically. Be detailed in expenses if known.
Use this space to tell us if this dog is going into foster until adoption, is currently at a shelter or boarding facility, is at a veterinary hospital, etc. and what the plan for this dog is once needed care is received.
Please use this space to provide details about any behavioral concerns with this dog such as resource guarding, small animal aggression, separation-related problems, etc.
Will this dog require long-term care and if so, please specify.
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This grant gifts up to $300 per dog in need. If the cost exceeds $300, have you secured the remaining amount already or are you actively fundraising for it?
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    Please upload any photos of the dog and/or any relevant medical records or notes regarding the needs for this dog. Mulitple files accepted.
    Please provide your annual operating budget for the most recent tax year.