Devastated by Distemper


Perhaps the most devastating fact in being hit with Distemper is that it’s completely preventable. We’ve beaten this virus long ago but due to those that don’t vaccinate, the disease lives, spreads, and still occasionally [...]

Devastated by Distemper2019-11-21T20:02:18-05:00

Adoption Services Program: Increases Adoption, Decreases Euthanasia


Engaging the community and saving more lives with the Adoption Services Program The number of of unwanted animals in our sheltering system are at an all-time high, leaving overrun and overwhelmed rescue organizations struggling to [...]

Adoption Services Program: Increases Adoption, Decreases Euthanasia2019-11-21T20:05:24-05:00

An Unlikely Happenstance


The APBF Rescue Services Team was contacted late into the evening on Thursday, July 16th about seven newborn babies brought into a local animal hospital without their mother. The gentleman dropping them off had found [...]

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If you shop on Amazon, then this new feature is the perfect way to also help support the APBF. Amazon will donate 0.5% of any purchase to the American Pit Bull Foundation. The great part [...] & APBF2020-05-01T10:10:44-04:00

Heartworm & Flea Preventative Chart


Always consult with your veterinarian as to the best Heartworm and flea preventative for your pets environmental living condition. No product is the best for every situation. *** Information for this comparison was pulled directly [...]

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Found a stray Pit Bull?


Microchip Scan and Tattoo Exam If the dog is friendly and you have him leashed, take him to the nearest veterinary hospital to scan for a microchip and examine for a tattoo. If a microchip [...]

Found a stray Pit Bull?2014-03-06T15:48:39-05:00

Microchipping Your Bully


The scenarios are all simple and most end with tragic results. Whether it’s an accidental escape or your family dog is stolen from a home or yard, the outcome is typically the same without a [...]

Microchipping Your Bully2014-03-06T15:48:48-05:00

Pit Bull Myths – Debunked


We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this wonderful breed. There are many myths surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier and hopefully after reading this article you'll become an advocate for spreading [...]

Pit Bull Myths – Debunked2020-05-01T11:19:03-04:00