Shelter Resources

Helpful resources for shelter programs

Intake & Staff Training

We offer resources to keep families together, staff training for shelter staff and dogfight assistance

Shelter Resource

Intake Diversion

Our volunteers are able to provide resources to pit bull owners to help keep families together and divert shelter intake. If you would like assistance with on-site intake diversion, please email

You can also refer owners looking to surrender to our web site to offer alternatives for surrender such as one-on-one counseling for behavior services, medical assistance, financial assistance, and other support to avoid shelter surrender. If the referral does not have access to the internet, please email their contact information to and a volunteer will reach out to assist them.

Helping Hands Application
continued education

Staff & Volunteer Training

We are able to provide assistance in training shelter staff and volunteers on the following topics.

  • Canine Enrichment Techniques
  • Increasing Adoptability Through Basic Training
  • Decreasing Kennel Stress
  • Dog Language and Communication
  • Advocating for Adoption (on-site and off-site)
  • Low Stress Handling Techniques

To schedule a workshop or request training assistance for staff or volunteers, please email

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Dog Care

Dogfight Assistance

We are able to assist on a case by case basis with the following services:

  • Safely handling and assisting with canines for transport that are being apprehended as evidence in dogfighting charges (Rabies vaccinated volunteers are available for canines with unknown vaccine history)
  • Providing relief assistance in caring for large numbers of animals being housed from dogfighting cases
  • Aiding in temperament assessments and placement/rehabilitation recommendations
  • Working with shelter volunteers and staff in safe handling techniques and body language
  • Working with shelter volunteers and staff in providing individual enrichment for dogs affiliated with dogfighting
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