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Financial, Medical & Partnerships

We offer direct financial assistance to veterinary hospitals for clients in need of medical care or assistance with behavioral cases. Inquire about our Veterinary Partner Program.

Financial / Medical Assistance

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Fund was created to provide financial assistance to responsible bully breed owners who are facing temporary financial difficulties and are in need of medical assistance for their dog(s).

The Helping Hands Fund is targeted towards:

  • Emergency surgeries
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Skin and ear infections
  • Annual wellness visits
Helping Hands Application

Veterinary Partner Program

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Become one of our recommended veterinary partners and help us open up the door to building better client relationships with pit bull owners.

A portion of our efforts in partnering with veterinary hospitals is to bridge clients who may think they lack resources to healthcare for their dogs  with compassionate veterinarians willing to build trust and work within their means. We offer financial assistance through our Helping Hands Fund to responsible dog owners and those making an effort to responsibly care for their dogs to help make that happen when needed.

Being a part of our Veterinary Partner Program is about developing a relationship between the organization and the hospital staff and helping each other to eliminate barriers to pit bulls in need from receiving medical attention.

Please review our Veterinary Partner Program brochure and email for more information.

Financial / Medical Assistance

Owner Surrender Assistance

We can help provide some financial assistance for medical needs in the event a hospital employee accepts responsibility for an owner-surrender in need of medical care on a case by case basis.

We are not an open intake rescue and adoption agency. We will take pregnant female pit bulls on occasion for our service dog program Operation Sidekick, however, we do not currently accept other animals for adoption. We can assist a hospital staff member who acquires an owner-surrender in safe placement for adoption and/or direct the foster to a local rescue and adoption organization for safe placement.

Financial / Medical Assistance

Behavioral Care

We are able to assist with low stress handling techniques and successful care of long-term medical patients that are pit bull type dogs.

Please inquire with for questions or requests with behavioral assistance for patients undergoing prolonged treatments or canines with anxiety that will require multiple hospital visits.