These are some tips:

  • Always start with one puppy/dog and see it through to the end of the adoption process before making the decision to foster multiple dogs. It’s hard to say no and easy to get overwhelmed.
  • Set a comfortable foster goal with your spouse/family, whether it’s committing to one foster per six months, or three litters per year.
  • Remember that this is a commitment to keep a pet until they are re-homed. The time span could be two days or six months to find the right match.
  • Keep personality posts for the rescue. You will come to know your fosters personality traits, habits and fun quirks the best, and will ultimately help the rescue make the right match by what you report back.
  • Try not to get attached and explain to kids that fosters are a temporary situation. Easier said than done, and one may come along that you just can’t let go, but keep in mind that the more you keep, the less you may be able to foster.